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Owner Occupied

Need insurance cover for your Adelaide suburban or South Australian country properties?

Thomas Brokers can advise and quote on a range of Home and Contents insurance products from Budget cover through Insured Events cover right up to the best Accidental Damage cover available.

Budget: Compares with budget insurance policies advertised on TV as far as benefits are concerned.
Low benefits scaled down to keep the premium low.

Insured Events: Mid range in cost. Good cover, limited accidental damage and jewellery cover.
Higher benefits than Budget cover with specified incidents all detailed e.g. Fire, Earthquake, Theft etc.
Cover includes Accidental Damage to fixed Glass but not accidental damage generally.
Jewellery cover is limited but higher cover option may be added for specified Jewellery and Personal Valuables.

Accidental Damage: Highest insurance cover. Best value. Broadest benefits.
As for Insured Events PLUS other Accidental Damage as per the policy wordings PLUS generally higher benefits than Insured Events especially for Jewellery and Push Bikes.

Thomas Brokers can arrange and quote for a mid-range cost Insured Events insurance policy to protect you from Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Thunderbolt, Theft from your property, Fusion of electric motors, Earthquake, Escaping liquids, Food Spoilage of frozen or refrigerated food, Impact, “New for Old “ replacement of insured items and more. Alternatively Thomas Brokers can provide a wider benefit/broader insurance cover under an Accidental Damage policy.

This gives you the broadest insurance protection cover including accidental loss or damage of the home and contents as well as cover Worldwide for Contents. Flood is covered dependent always on the address of the risk. Not all House & Contents Insurance products are the same so let’s talk and find a product to suit your particular insurance needs.

Choice of Excess:
On all the insurance policies the excess payable on claim is adjustable... the higher the excess, the lower the premium without affecting the policy benefits and cover. Discuss the excess you would prefer with us. Thomas Brokers can quote a range of excess options for your risk.... just ask us!

Sum Insured Value:
You need to give some very careful thought to the values you select for your Home Building or your Contents Insurance.

“New for Old”
The insurance policies we recommend are “New for Old” so the Sum Insured value should represent today’s costs for replacement of both your House and Contents.

Under Insured?
There is no penalty for Under Insuring your property, just remember you become your own insurer for the uninsured balance of the total replacement cost once we have settled your claim. This means you will be paying you proportion of the claim. When you take out your home insurance you need to make sure you first calculate the full replacement value of your house and its contents. Then choose the home and contents insurance that best suits your current insurance needs.

Strata and Landlord Insurance:
If your home is part of a Body Corporate Strata Property or is rented out as a Landlord Property private owner insurance above is not suitable.
We can assist you in those areas too with specialised Strata Insurance and Landlord Insurance products (see relevant pages on this website).

Policy Comparison with your current policy cover?
Compare Insurer's products: We have programs to easily show you the benefits of our House & Contents insurance offerings. Ask us for a comparison with most of the popular offerings you see in the media.

Holiday Homes

Thomas Brokers are able to cover holiday homes with most Insurers using their normal Specified Events insurance policy wordings. 

We suggest you make contact with us to discuss your needs as the Holiday Home insurance cover is not as easy as insuring the home where you reside full time.

Please contact us with details on

  • How often the property is used
  • Security arrangements e.g. Alarms, Door Locks, Window Locks etc
  • If rented do you use a Property Manager
  • Building Sum Insured
  • Contents Sum Insured
  • Construction e.g. Brick walls, Cement floor, Iron on Steel roof
  • Full address details


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